More features are planned to be implemented:

Use SQLite as default TSDB

To simplify initial setup and configuration, option to use SQLite as default database to store time-series data is considered. This way installation and configuration of PostgreSQL will not be required.

Access to the database over Web interface to analyze data, run SQL queries will be available too.

Estimated time of delivery: 2019.

Support for Store and Forward

To eliminate data loss for periods when TSDB is not available, Store and Forward feature will be implemented. When TSDB cannot be connected, then data will be stored in local SQLite database, and will be send to the TSDB after connection is restored.

Estimated time of delivery: 2019.

GUI for configuration options.

Currently options such as connection info (host name, port), user credentials and other paramaters such as timeouts to connect to the TSDB are configured by editing of JSON format configuration file. It is planned to edit these settings over web GUI.

Estimated delivery: 2019.

Support for other target databases.

Feature to store data in various databases will be implemented. Following databases will be supported:






First MQTT targets would be RabbitMQ and Microsoft Azure Event Hub.


User authentication and authorization.

Support for https

Other features

Grafana data source plugin for OPC UA

This will be custom data source, which allows to browse OPC UA servers address space right from Grafana, and utilize information and data model provided by OPC UA Server, to set fields on Grafana visualization panels. For example, display name, units of measurements such as Celcium Degrees for temperature, KPa for pressure, range of values - all these settings can be retievied from OPC UA server.

Add more OPC UA client application features.

More features, which usually implemented by OPC UA client applications such as UA Expert from Unified automation, will be added.

  • First feature will be Attributes Panel. It would be collapsable, and when it is expanded, it will make read request call to the OPC UA Server, get current values fo all attribues, and show them in this panel.
  • Next features would be to show current data values in Logged Variables grid.

Dashboards to monitor OPC UA Server status

Grafana dashboards will be created to show current status of OPC UA Servers in your network, so you can instantly detect if some server is not running as expected.