This SDK is intended to extremely simplify creation of OPC UA Applications in modern C++. Designed following “Low Code” philisophy, that is, applications using it would need to write minimal code.

Current version supports OPC UA Cllient side functionality. Adding of support for Server side functionality is planned in version 2.0.

The SDK provides easy to use communication stack and high level classes to synchronously or asynchronously send, receive and handle OPC UA requests and responses, and have built-in support for standard OPC UA Client features.

Narrow specialization of the SDK is to satisfy requirements for high performance enterprise scale applications running in PC or cloud environment. At the same time it is resource unpretentious and can run in lower end hardware such as Raspberry PI.


Permissions to use the SDK are granted depending on type of the license. There are 2 types of licenses:

  • Binary License. Rights to use header files and pre-built binary libraries for various target platfroms are granted. Binaries can be included into commercial end product distribuition packages.

  • Source Code License. Rights to use full source code to build binary libraries for any target platform are granted. Those binary libraries then can be included into commercial end product distribution packages.


    The source code cannot be re-distributed.

For more details about licensing, please contact Support.

Third party dependencies.

The SDK depends on following below third party libraries:

Target Platforms

The SDK is designed to be cross-platform. Having Commercial Source Code license, it is possible to build it for variety of platforms. Pre-built binaries currently provided for the following platforms:

  • Windows 10

    Binaries are distributed as Visual Studio 2019 static libraries.

  • Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04, Debian 10.10, RedHat 8.4

    Binaries are distributed as static library (.a) files.

  • For other target platforms please contact Support.