OPC UA Client features

  • Establishing of TCP connection and initial handshake (OPC UA Hello, Acknowledge and Error messages);
  • Implemented OPC UA Services:
    • OpenSecureChannel
    • FindServers
    • GetEndpoints
    • CreateSession
    • ActivateSession
    • CloseSession
    • Call
    • Read
    • Write
    • HistoryRead
    • Browse
    • BrowseNext
    • CreateSubscription
    • DeleteSubscriptions
    • CreateMonitoredItems (for Data Changes only, no Alarms/Events)
    • DeleteMonitoredItems;
    • Publish
    • CloseSecureChannel
  • Communication in secured mode and infrastructure to support it:
    • Generating self-signed root certificate and application instance certificate signed by it;
    • Creation of secure channel in secured mode (sign and encryption). Currently only security policy Basic256Sha256 is supported.
  • OPC Binary encoding * Implemented for most data types, which are required to send requests and receive responses for functionality listed above. * Encoding and Decoding of complex data type values can be handled by the user application, so no need to modify the SDK to support complex data types.

OPC UA Server features

Server features are not supported in the current version. See section Roadmap for plans on support of Server side features.