Getting Started

Prerequisites: Windows

Prerequisites: Ubuntu 18.04

  • GCC Compiler

  • CMake

  • Python 3 and conan

    To install Python 3 and conan, run commands:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install -y python3
    apt install -y python3-pip
    python3 -m pip install conan
    apt-get install python-is-python3

Installation of the SDK and building dependencies.

For quick start, it is recommended to use the Sample Application project at GitHub ( It includes ogamma-sdk header files as a git submodule and has conan build script, which will download library binary file when you build it.

To clone the repository with sample application and build it, open terminal, navigate to the root folder where your source code repositories should be located, and run following below commands. As conan package manager is used to build the projects, build process is almost identical in Windows and Linux:

  • Clone the sample application project recursively:

  • git clone --recursive

    Cloned into folder ogamma-sdk-sample-app repository contains:

    • in folder ogamma-sdk - ogamma-sdk repository as a git submodule with SDK header files and re-distributable xml file.
    • in folder sampleApp - Sample Application, which uses OPC UA SDK as a dependenciy, and can be used as a base for your application project.
    • conan build script and CMake files, used to install dependencies and build the sampleApp project.
  • Navigate to the folder ogamma-sdk-sample-app

  • Create build folder and run conan build commands:

    mkdir build
    pushd build
    conan source ../
    conan install -pr=../[profile-file-name] --build=missing ../
    conan build ../

    Replace [profile-file-name] with OS-specific conan profile name:

    • Windows: profile-VS2019
    • Linux:
      • Ubuntu 18.04: profile-ub1804
      • Ubuntu 20.04: profile-ub2004
      • Debian 10.10: profile-debian1010
      • RedHat 8.4: profile-redhat

    As a result, OS-specific OPC UA SDK binary libary file will be downloaded, the project will be built under sub-folder build. In Windows, Visual Studio solution will be created. Also, all required open source dependencies will be downloaded and built, which can take significant time. These dependency libraries will be located under conan local cache folder.


    conan local cache folder.

    By default, conan local cache folder is located under user folder, in sub-folder ~/.conan/data. If required to change location of the cache folder, edit file ~/.conan/conan.conf, option path in the section [storage].

The build output file (executable binary) will be created in the bin sub-folder of the build folder.

How to use the SDK: the first OPC UA project.

As a base to start, you can use the sample application project, located in folder sampleApp of the sample application repository.

In Windows, for development you can use Visual Studio solution created during building of the sample application as described in the previous sections above.


When you start the application using OPC UA Client SDK, file Opc.Ua.xml must be located in the working directory to support complex types.