OPC UA Web Client now uses our own SDK!

Published in July 17, 2018.

Our OPC UA Web Client application, demo installation of which is available at www.uaclient.com,is now built using our own OPC UA SDK! 
The SDK currently implements client features, and available at https://github.com/onewayautomation/1WaOpcUaSdk.

On GitHub you can also find test application, demonstrating how easily to use the SDK, available at https://github.com/onewayautomation/OpcUaTestClient

To provide feedback, report issues or ask for new features for the OPC UA Web Client, please contact us, or better use GitHub page and add new issue.

Introduction video presentation demonstrating how to use demo instance of the OCP UA Web client hosted at www.uaclient.com  is available too at YouTube: https://youtu.be/o-cZ08Ssr0M


Technical preview version of the C++ OPC UA SDK is published at GitHub!

Published on February 18, 2018.

We are pleased to announce that the technical preview version of the C++ OPC UA SDK is published at GitHub!

It has support for essential OCP UA client functionality such as discovering of OPC UA Servers, browsing of address space, reading of variable values, and creating subscriptions and monitored items.

To demonstrate how it can be used, companion demo project is also created at GitHub.

Note that only headers and pre-built binaries of the SDK are published at this time. If you need binaries for other targets than VC++ 2017, please contact us!

Please also note that we are looking for early adopters for this project. If you order OPC UA Client application development services with One-Way Automation, where this SDK will be used, we might grant your company free perpetual life time license for using of the SDK in any OPC UA application built by your company!



OPC UA Web Client - version 0.2.0 is released

Published on March 2, 2016, updated on March 6, 2016

Online OPC UA Client version 0.2.0 Technical Preview is released and demo installation is deployed at https://uaclient.com.

New feature added:

  • Support for browsing of the OPC UA Local Discovery Server (LDS) is added, which makes configuration of session connection settings easier. Now from the session configuration window the OPC UA Web Client can connect to LDS using discovery URL entered by the User. The LDS can be located at any machine accessible from the network where Web Client is installed. And then FindServers service is called to retrieve list of OPC UA Servers from LDS, and when a response is recieved, the discovery tree is updated and GetEndpoints service is called for each server asynchronously in the background. 
    Get endpoints results are added to the discovery tree exposing supported transport, security mode and user identity token. When the User selects the leaf of the tree, configuration fields are updated with corresponding settings from selected endpoint.
  • Note that by default discovery URL is configured to connect to LDS running at opcuaserver.com, where some demo OPC UA Servers are installed and running.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Some bugs are fixed causing application crash;

For testing and demo purposes, multiple OPC UA Demo Servers are deployed at opcuaserver.com.

Attention OPC UA Server Vendors - One-Way Automation offers free hosting of your demo servers at opcuaserver.com, so potential customers can connect to them without installing any client application, from uaclient.com!


Free hosting for your demo OPC UA Server

Published on February 10, 2016, updated March 6, 2016

Attention OPC UA Server vendors!
One-Way Automation offers up to one year free hosting for your demo OPC UA Server on opcuaserver.com!

So without downloading or installing any software your customers can discover it by browsing Local Discovery Server, connect to it, browse address space and subscribe to monitored items using our Online OPC UA Client at https://www.uaclient.com, as well as they can access it from any OPC UA client of their choice.

How it works:

  • You provide us with an installer for the OPC UA Server with short instructions how to setup and configure it;
  • we install it at opcuaserver.com, configure (including registration at local discovery server), and open its endpoints to be accessible from the Internet. 
  • we publish information about it on opcuaserver.com (name, endpoints, your company name and link to your web site), so your customers  can connect to the server by their OPC UA Client application.
  • our Online OPC UA Client running at https://www.uaclient.com by default is configured to connect to the Local Discovery Server running at opcuaserver.com. Se when users add new OPC UA Session to it, they can discover your OPC UA Server and easily connect to it.

Currently there are a few OPC UA Servers running at opcuaserver.com. The Local Discovery Server's endpoint URL is opc.tcp://opcuaserver.com:4840.

Please contact us for details or to send hosting inquery.

OPC UA Web Client Preview Demo is launched!

January 31, 2016.

Technical Preview version 0.1.0 of the OPC UA Web Client is installed and available to try at https://www.uaclient.com !

You can connect to OPC UA Servers which are available from the Internet, browse their address space, read OPC UA Node attributes, subscribe to OPC UA Variables and monitor them on the Monitored Items View.

This is the first software product offered by One-Way Automation. More features are coming in the next versions.