Takebishi DeviceGateway

To expand our reach to collect data from almost any industrial device, we established technology partnership relations with the leading vendor of industrial communications products - Takebishi Corporation. Their product DeviceGateway allows you to connect to more than 320 series of devices from more than 80 vendors! With it, data from those devices becomes accessible via the OPC UA Server interface. So ogamma Visual Logger for OPC and ProsysOPC UA Forge can connect to it and access data from underlying devices via the OPC UA interface.

We chose the DeviceGateway from Takebishi, because it is high-performing, does not require a lot of resources, can run as a Docker Container, and has a web-based configuration GUI, so it is easy to integrate into our product oBox Suite

Takebishi offers it as a standalone product as well as installed in dedicated gateway hardware. If you want to use it in combination with our other products in the oBox Suite, we recommend using its Docker container version. You can also order its standalone version to run in your own Windows or Linux box. 

DeviceGateway Context Diagram

 For more details about DeviceGateway, click on the link below: 

Read more about Takebishi DeviceGateway 

Pricing and How to Buy.

Note that we offer the same prices as our partner Takebishi.

The DeviceGateway product line-up consists of 3 models, with different limits on the number of connected devices and tags.

Model Features Price, $USD
Basic Maximum 1024 tags, 1 device connection $440
Standard Maximum 16384 tags, 16 device connections $1700
High Specification Maximum 65535 tags, 64 device connections. $2500

Please contact us for more information and quotes!