ogamma Visual Logger for OPC

Keep your data with ogamma Visual Logger for OPC

ogamma Visual Logger for OPC is an integration tool to collectstorevisualize and analyze industrial process control data.

Visual Logger Context Diagram

Key differentiators:

  • Guaranteed to connect (specialized on OPC UA, modern standard IIoT communication protocol);
  • Saves hardware and energy (lightweight and high performant, low CPU and RAM usage at high throughputs. Single instance on embedded industrial or regular PC can serve all your needs in most cases);
  • Can be installed and runs in server, desktop PC or industrial embedded PC;
  • Future proof (designed to scale and expand without limits, load can be distributed on multiple nodes);
  • Quick commissioning (easy to configure using Web based GUI);
  • Cloud ready (can be deployed in premises or in the cloud);
  • Low cost maintenance (easy deployment, upgrades and maintenance backed by support for Docker);

Key features:

  • Web based configuration GUI
  • Supported storage destinations: traditional relational databases (PostgreSQL) or modern time-series databases (InfluxDB, Timescale DB, Apache Kafka);
  • Stored data can be visualized using open source tool Grafana;
  • Stored data can be analyzed using queries;
  • Unlimited duration of data storage;
  • Unlimited tags;
  • Millisecond resolution;
  • Can be scaled vertically and horizontally.
  • Runs on Linux or Windows;
  • Supports Docker
  • Support for secured OPC UA communication modes;

In the roadmap:

  • Support for "store and forward";
  • Support for more storage destinations: MS SQL, MySQL, MemSQL, MQTT
  • Support for all types of user authentication (currently username/password is supported, support for X509 certificates and issued tokens will be added).
  • Improvements for easier configuration and administration.

Community Edition is free to use! For instructions on how to deploy and start using it please refer to online User Manual 

Docker Image is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/ogamma/logger

To report issues and suggest new features and improvements please refer to its GitHub page at https://github.com/onewayautomation/ogamma-logger


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