One-Way Automation and Prosys OPC have entered into a reseller agreement

June 30, 2020

One-Way Automation and Prosys OPC have entered into a reseller agreement to distribute OPC UA products offered by Prosys OPC to the North American market. This partnership will complement the portfolio of solutions and services we can offer to our customers. The following products offered by Prosys OPC are now available for purchase via One-Way Automation:

  • Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java.
  • Prosys Sentrol Classic OPC UA and Classic SDK for Delphi.
  • Prosys OPC UA Modbus Server. Integrated with ogamma Visual Logger for OPC from One-Way Automation it will allow delivering data from legacy devices supporting Modbus protocol to various traditional and modern time-series databases hosted in the cloud as well as in premises).
  • Prosys OPC UA Historian.

Prosys OPC products will be available soon to purchase through One-Way Automation online store

About Prosys OPC.

Prosys OPC is a leading provider of OPC and OPC UA software products with over 20 years of experience in the field. In addition to offering state of the art OPC and OPC UA developer toolkits and applications software, it is also a strong partner in providing professional services to its customers. Prosys OPC customers and partners include industrial, energy, and high-tech companies.
Company headquarters located in Espoo, Finland (Helsinki Metropolitan Area).

About One-Way Automation.

One-Way automation is a technology company designing and developing software applications for industrial process control data delivery, as well as providing custom software development services. Major specialties are OPC UA and Industrial IoT.
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Version 0.8.6 of ogamma Visual Logger for OPC released!

March 21, 2020.

New version of the ogamma Visual Logger for OPC has been released! It has fixes for bugs and issues, including those which were discovered in the recent OPC Interoperability Workshop, which we attended from March 9 to 13 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Links to get the newest version of the product are in our Online Store page.

ogamma Visual Logger for OPC is tested at OPC Interoperability workshop

March 9 - 13, 2020, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

This workshop, as described at OPC Foundation web site, is "The" event for testing OPC products for interoperability and preparing them for the lab testing and for the market. Vendors can test and debug their products against one another for interoperability, compliance, and reliability.

In this workshop our company's product ogamma Visual Logger for OPC (version 0.8.5) was tested against 13 OPC UA Servers from different vendors:

  • Honeywell - ControlEdge PLC UA Server R152,
  • Honeywell - Experion PKS OPC UA Server,
  • Inductive Automation - Ignition OPC-UA Server 8.0.9,
  • Inductive Automation - Eclipse Milo Server SDK 0.4.0,
  • Kepware Technologies - OPC UA Server - KEPServerEX 6.9,
  • Kepware Technologies - OPC UA Server - ThingWorx Kepware Edge (Linux) 1.2,
  • MatrikonOPC - Matrikon Flex Dispatch R1.1 BETA,
  • Microsoft Corporation - .Net Standard Reference Server (Windows) 1.4.359.31,
  • Rockwell Automation Inc. - FactoryTalkLinxGateway 6.20
  • Siemens AG - SIMATIC CPU 1214C V4.4,
  • Siemens AG - Homer V2.8,
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation - opaf demo server,
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation - MDIS Demo Server

Some issues were discovered and fixed during the workshop, and in the end it could connect to all those servers in different communication modes, browse address space, read variables, create subscriptions and monitored items, and receive real-time data changes as required by the functionality.

This raises our confidence in the product and makes it closer to the production release.

Some pictures and screenshots from the event can be viewed here


One-Way Automation becomes OPC Foundation corporate member.

Effective November 13, 2019, One-Way Automation is corporate member at OPC Foundation.

This gives as such benefits as:

  • participation in OPC UA Working Groups preparing next releases of OPC UA and companion specifications,
  • access to working drafts of specifications before they are available in public,
  • possibility to test our products for compatibility with newest versions of products from world's leading vendors in OPC Interoperability Workshops,
  • showcase our products at exhibitions, events and conferences organized by OPC Foundation worldwide,
  • ability to use in commercial products open source OPC UA SDKs and libraries.
  • access to OPC Compliance Test Tools free of charge
  • make use of OPC member logo
  • and finally list our company's products at our page at the OPC Foundation web site