ogamma Visual Logger for OPC

Keep your data with ogamma Visual Logger for OPC,

an integration tool to collectstorevisualize and analyze industrial process control data.


Visual Logger Context Diagram

Key features:

  • Collects industrial process control data over OPC UA connections;
  • Using OPC DA to OPC UA wrapper can collect data from legacy industrial data sources too;
  • Or with an additional component ogamma Modbus OPC UA Server or Prosys OPC UA Modbus Server can collect data from any legacy device supporting Modbus protocol;
  • Supported storage destinations: traditional relational databases (PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite) or modern time-series databases (InfluxDB, Timescale DB, Apache Kafka), or MQTT Broker (such as Eclipse Mosquitto, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Broker, Google Cloud IoT Core MQTT Bridge).
  • Stored data can be visualized using open source tool Grafana;
  • Stored data can be analyzed using queries;
  • Secure web-based configuration GUI with user authentication and authorization;
  • Unlimited duration of data storage;
  • Unlimited tags;
  • Millisecond resolution (with InfluxDb - microseconds resolution is supported too).
  • It can be scaled vertically and horizontally.
  • Runs on Linux, Windows or Raspberry Pi;
  • Supports Docker
  • Support for secured OPC UA communication modes and UserName/Password authentication.

Key differentiators:

  • Guaranteed to connect (specialized on OPC UA, modern standard IIoT communication protocol);
  • High efficient Store and Forward technique allows forwarding collected data to the destination database with minimal delay (less than a second), and can store data locally for days when the connection is lost;
  • Saves hardware and energy: written in modern C++, lightweight and high performant, low CPU and RAM usage at high throughputs. Single instance on embedded industrial or regular PC can serve all your needs in most cases: 100,000 variables changing every second handled easily;
  • Can be installed and runs in the server, desktop PC, or industrial embedded PC; or in Docker container;
  • Now available at Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and can be deployed as Azure IoT Edge Module;
  • Future proof (designed to scale and expand without limits, the load can be distributed on multiple nodes);
  • Quick commissioning (easy to configure using Web-based GUI);
  • Cloud-ready (can be deployed in premises or in the cloud);
  • Low-cost maintenance (easy deployment, upgrades, and maintenance backed by support for Docker);

Target Industries:

ogamma Visual Logger for OPC can be used in any industry where the storage of process control data and its analysis is required and when that data is accessible over OPC UA protocol (as well as classic OPC DA using additional wrapper application). Examples of customers who use it or expressed interest on it are (not in particular order):

  • Large beverages bottling plant, producing per one shift beverages enough to fill an Olympic Swimming Pool;
  • Automotive supplier of powertrain and brake components for leading auto manufacturers using it in Industry 4.0 project;
  • Manufacturer and global supplier of sheet metal working machinery specializing in the production of press brakes, shears, notchers, punching machines, laser cutting systems, plasma cutting machines, waterjet cutting, and Vertical Machining Centers;
  • A large company providing design, fabrication and construction services on Chemical, Petrochemical, Gas, Power Plants and other Industrial Plants, to monitor data from mini wind turbines;
  • Renewable energy solutions provider manufacturing large wind turbine generators;
  • Research and education organizations;
  • Observatory;
  • National Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology;
  • National aerospace center;
  • Manufacturer of special-purpose glasses: low-iron float glass for photo-voltaic and solar thermal applications, high-quality coated insulating, sound-proofing, solar-control and other types of glasses;
  • Manufacturer of water recycling systems and wastewater treatment equipment;
  • Steel production company;
  • Design and engineering company specializing in Industrial Automation, Medical Devices and Healthcare, Storage and Computing domains;
  • A large manufacturer of consumer electronics and other devices for healthcare, automotive. lighting and personal care;
  • System Integrators;
  • Packaging materials manufacturer;
  • A company offering robotics and turn-key equipment for various production lines (palletizing, storage, sorting, internal conveyance, and others) and warehouse management systems;
  • Energy services (drilling for oil and gas) company;
  • and the list goes on and on.

Case Studies:

Providing real-time data for Grafana to visualize the beverage bottling and palletizing process

Customer testimonials:

T., MES & Automation Manager

Documentation and Support:

For information on how to download the product redistributables, install and activate it please refer to the Online User Manualor contact One-Way Automation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To report issues or provide feedback, as well as to get notified about new versions refer to the product page at GitHub

Docker Image is available at https://hub.docker.com/r/ogamma/logger

Versions comparison

Features \ versions Community
Academic Edition
Number of OPC UA Servers to connect to 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of OPC UA Variables to collect data from 64* 1024 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of variable groups 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Support for https to access configuration web  GUI    
Support for user authentication and authorization to access configuration web GUI    
Support (over email, phone, and web conference). -   -

Requires connection to the Internet for periodic license validation.

Yes No



* Note: for Community Edition instances activated before May 14, 2020 maximum number of variables is 256. Community Edition instances activated on or after May 14, 2020 number of variables during one month (trial period with Enterprise features enabled) is unlimited, and after 1 month limited to 64 variables.

** Note: Academic Edition is free for education and research organizations funded by governments. Conditions apply. Contact us for details.

If you have large installations and/or complex use cases, please contact us for discounted rates.


Grafana Dashboards Ogamma Visual Logger For Opc   Gui

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How to download / buy:

  • Visit our 24/7 Online Store

    to get a license key for the free Community Edition ( no credit card is required), or to purchase license keys for commercial editions.
    And then follow the instructions in the online User Manual on how to download and install it.
    If you have technical questions or issues, please contact us over email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the online chat feature right from this page (located in the right bottom corner).

  • To deploy as Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Module, find it at the Azure Marketplace.

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