One-Way Automation provides custom software design and development services, mainly on OPC UA Client and Server applications collecting, processing, transferring and/or  logging(historizing) industrial process data, such as:

  • OPC UA Servers;
  • Utility applications for protocol conversion to/from OPC UA;
  • HMI/SCADA applications; 
  • Operational/Enterprise Historians;
  • Gateways or other middleware applications delivering your data from sensors and devices up to the Clouds, and other way too!

If you need help to:

  • Create new OPC UA Server or Client applications;
  • Create web based low footprint tool to configure your OPC UA Server (including embedded servers) - check out how GUI can look like at our online OPC UA Web Client;
  • Add OPC UA client or server functionality to existing applications so they can communicate with OPC UA servers/clients;
  • Debug, troubleshoot, improve existing OPC UA client/server applications;
  • Conduct OPC UA compliance tests, localize and fix non-compliancy issues and help on getting officially certified;
  • Host your demo OPC UA Server on the Cloud at, so your customers can access it anywhere from the Internet, (this service is free!);

  • or consulting and support on OPC UA,

please contact us!

Please note that we are working on our own OPC UA C++ SDK, and for those customers who order us OPC UA software development services to build applications based on this SDK, it will be available to use for free! This is limited time offer, would not last forever!

Typically providing custom software development services follows these steps:

  1. Project kick-off. Most likely, on-site visit, although remotely is possible too. This usualy takes couple days, or week or two, depending on the project scope.
    Here we together:
    1. Gather your requirements;
    2. Outline key design and architecture decisions, high level diagrams, API, etc.;
    3. Setup environment for project management. We can use your existing infrastructure if it is available over the Internet, or can offer hosted by us Confluence and Jira servers, with add-ons to manage project time tracking and test case management.
    4. Setup source code repository and continious integration tool. Again, can use your existing infrastructure, or use our hosted solutions.
    5. Setup web conferencing system. Again, either your existing system, or we can use ours.
    6. Create work items (epics, stories, tasks, sub-tasks, or other way following your project management system).
    7. Estimate work items. At this stage you can evaluate how long it would take the project to finish, and how much it can cost you. 

  2. Design and development, from our remote office, but always connected with you, ready to start even unscheduled web meetings in minutes!
    1. Source code is committed into repository at least once a day, so it is easy for you to track development progress.
    2. Automated tests will make sure that code quality conforms requirements.
    3. Status update web meetings daily or weekly.
    4. If required, clarify detailed requirements, provide design and architecture documentation.
    5. Other activities according to your project management methodology;

  3. And deliver the results, in time and on budget!