OPC UA C++ SDK version 1.1.2 has been released

July 19, 2021.

Our OPC UA C++ SDK version 1.1.2 has been released and is available for the general public now!

It comes with the updated Developer's Guide, and with a new Sample Application, which can be taken as a base for your application. It has examples on how to read values from OPC UA variables and write to them, how to browse the address space, how to create subscriptions and monitored items, and handle data change notifications. 

This version has added support for complex data types: now these values can be converted to JSON formatted string, or to special Variant type. With the latest, you can access each member field of the complex type value from C++ code.

In this version also various bugs were fixed, and the auto-reconnection feature is improved. Also, extra measures are taken to make sure that no callbacks are made to the application after disconnect() call is completed on the Connection object. 

The SDK is now built for the following targets:

  • Microsoft Windows (Visual Studio 2019)
  • Linux:
    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • Debian 10.10
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4

Can be built for other platforms too!