OPC UA Web Client now uses our own SDK!

Published in July 17, 2018.

Our OPC UA Web Client application, demo installation of which is available at www.uaclient.com,is now built using our own OPC UA SDK! 
The SDK currently implements client features, and available at https://github.com/onewayautomation/1WaOpcUaSdk.

On GitHub you can also find test application, demonstrating how easily to use the SDK, available at https://github.com/onewayautomation/OpcUaTestClient

To provide feedback, report issues or ask for new features for the OPC UA Web Client, please contact us, or better use GitHub page and add new issue.

Introduction video presentation demonstrating how to use demo instance of the OCP UA Web client hosted at www.uaclient.com  is available too at YouTube: https://youtu.be/o-cZ08Ssr0M