Free hosting for your demo OPC UA Server

Published on February 10, 2016, updated March 6, 2016

Attention OPC UA Server vendors!
One-Way Automation offers up to one year free hosting for your demo OPC UA Server on!

So without downloading or installing any software your customers can discover it by browsing Local Discovery Server, connect to it, browse address space and subscribe to monitored items using our Online OPC UA Client at, as well as they can access it from any OPC UA client of their choice.

How it works:

  • You provide us with an installer for the OPC UA Server with short instructions how to setup and configure it;
  • we install it at, configure (including registration at local discovery server), and open its endpoints to be accessible from the Internet. 
  • we publish information about it on (name, endpoints, your company name and link to your web site), so your customers  can connect to the server by their OPC UA Client application.
  • our Online OPC UA Client running at by default is configured to connect to the Local Discovery Server running at Se when users add new OPC UA Session to it, they can discover your OPC UA Server and easily connect to it.

Currently there are a few OPC UA Servers running at The Local Discovery Server's endpoint URL is opc.tcp://

Please contact us for details or to send hosting inquery.