Links and resources

  • OPC Foundation - the Capital of the OPC World. A host of OPC Specifications, SDKs, sample code and applications, OPC redistributables, white papers, videos, test tools - the list goes on and on. Note that now just registered users can access OPC UA Specifications, and download a significant number of applications, SDKs.

  • OPC UA Specifications - an online reference to all OPC UA specifications.

  • Thoughts on Process Historians- very well written article from Mina Andrawos.

  • - my favorite full C++ reference - C++98, C++03, C++11, C++17. Has good code samples, which you can even try to modify, compile, build, and run right from the web page. It has also a long list of open-source C++ libraries.

  • - Links to C++ compilers, including online ones, on the Standard C++ Foundation web site.

  • - exceptional reference resource for everything about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, graphics, colors etc.

  • Tools and utilities: