All-in-one industrial PC ready to use as an IIoT Edge Gateway


oBox S 1oBox-S2oBox M

Key features:

  • Multiple models are offered with varying capabilities (CPU, RAM, storage, serial ports (RS232/485), Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G cellular connectivity). 
  • Install and easily run your own or third-party IoT Edge software applications, like MING stack, or FlowFuse.
  • Manage OS and applications using a revolutionary & scalable Remote Management Platform. This enables you to securely deploy, upgrade, maintain, and monitor the operating system & applications completely remotely.
  • Install the device anywhere, including:
    • desktop,
    • wall mounted with DIN rail, or
    • VESA mount.
  • Constructed of a durable aluminum case, which can withstand harsh conditions.
  • Cooled through a fanless passive system.
  • With our Visual Logger for OPC and/ or Modbus OPC UA Server software pre-installed, it will do more for you:
    • Collects your data from OPC UA servers, and/or Modbus TCP and RTU devices.
    • Eliminates data loss by utilizing built-in support for Store & Forward.
    • Forwards your data to one of the following:
      • TimescaleDB,
      • MS SQL,
      • MySQL,
      • SQLite,
      • Apache Kafka,
      • InfluxDB,
      • MQTT brokers (including Azure IoT, AWS IoT Broker, and IBM Watson IoT Platform).
    • Logs up to 10,000 values per second. If you’re looking to log more values, stay tuned for our upcoming models.
  • Optionally, you can install and run Device Gateway from our partner Takebishi and access almost 300 kinds of industrial data sources: PLC, RTU, CNC,
  • Optionally you can install and run OPC UA Forge from our partner ProsysOPC, and build Unified Namespace right in the box!

For complete specifications download datasheets here:

Pricing & How to buy

The price for the base model without software applications starts from $295 USD plus a shipping fee of around $50 USD.
Short lead times - you can get a device within a week or so!


Please contact us for quotes!